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Terminator Salvation: Nick Stahl Is No Edward Furlong

Posted in Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller by Adam on December 17, 2008
Click to watch the Terminator Salvation trailer at

Click to watch the Terminator Salvation trailer at

First, we were supposed to believe Edward Furlong grew up to become Nick Stahl (maybe). Now, we’re supposed to believe that Nick Stahl magically transformed into Christian Bale (I don’t see it). The Terminator franchise may center on time traveling cyborgs and an artificially intelligent computer ushering in the apocalypse so machines can rule the planet, but they could have paid a little more attention to the continuity of their heroes.

I’m all for Batman taking over as John Connor in the upcoming Terminator Salvation, and obviously Furlong reached the apex of his career as a whiny juvenile delinquent who fell in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger in T2, so the weak link here has to be Stahl. Without Stahl’s stint in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, it’s not hard to imagine the Furlong Connor embracing his destiny, working out a little bit, and becoming the machine-killing machine that the Bale Connor appears to be in the new film. But, the Stahl Connor was such a clumsy, uninspiring wimp that he made Claire Danes look tough by comparison. I’d feel much better about the whole thing if they had simply cast someone like Chris Evans in T3. He might not be Laurence Olivier, but at least he would have been the toughest cast member on My So-Called Life.

As it stands, we’ll just have to pretend that the Stahl Connor somehow grew a pair, went through Dark Knight training camp, and came out the other side as the convincing, battle-tested leader of the human resistance. Or, maybe we could just forget about T3 all together.

Highlights of the Terminator Salvation trailer include: 1) A machine grabbing a human out of warehouse like the claw game at the grocery store. 2) Bale shooting a Terminator in the head after landing on it with a helicopter. 3) Robot motorcycles tearing down the highway. 4) Bale striking the “Charlie Sheen in Platoon” pose, while screaming in the rain. And, 5) Bale getting in Sam Worthington’s face and saying, “We’ve been at war since before either of us even existed.” My favorite parts of the trailer are the eerie shots of a lone Terminator standing menacingly in the rain. Terminator Salvation opens May 22, 2009. Check out the Terminator Salvation trailer at


Jurassic Park: Will Michael Crichton be Preserved in Amber?

Posted in Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller by Adam on November 5, 2008
Click to watch the Jurassic Park trailer at

Click to watch the Jurassic Park trailer at

With the recent passing of author Michael Crichton, my thoughts immediately turned to whether or not he’d want to be cloned and brought back to life like the dinosaurs in his most famous novel/film, Jurassic Park. Now, more than likely, no one will try to replicate his DNA in order to build an extravagant theme park on a tropical island populated with hundreds of Michael Crichtons. But, if the guy spent so much time figuring out how to grow a velociraptor from a couple drops of prehistoric blood locked inside a mosquito’s belly in a piece of amber, you have to think he at least thought about doing the same thing for himself, right? I guess we’ll never know, unless he starts releasing posthumous novels like a sci-fi Tupac.

In honor of Crichton’s numerous contributions to popular literature and entertainment (ER, Congo, Twister, Disclosure, Rising Sun, Sphere, The Lost World), I’ve gone with the obvious choice and selected the Jurassic Park trailer because, more than any of his other works, the novel and the film it inspired are a permanent part of American pop culture. Sure, ER’s been on the air for 14 years, but Jurassic Park is the definitive dinosaur movie and the first film to feature photorealistic CG creatures. So, remember, the next time you’re cursing at some talking chihuahuas under your breath, you can thank Crichton and director Steven Speilberg for starting the trend.

Highlights of the Jurassic Park trailer include: 1) Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum watching a dinosaur hatch from an egg. 2) Neill and Dern seeing living dinosaurs in the wild for the first time. 3) The classic scene where Neill, Joseph Mazzello, and Ariana Richards are trapped in a Ford Explorer and an approaching Tyrannosaurus Rex causes ripples to form on the surface of some cups of water.  And, 4) A terrified Richards looking straight into a T-Rex’s eye, while the flashlight she’s holding causes its pupil to contract. My favorite part of the trailer comes when Samuel L. Jackson prepares to restart Jurassic Park’s security system and tells everyone to “hold onto your butts.” Jurassic Park opened June 11, 1993. Check out the Jurassic Park trailer at

Quantum of Solace: James Bond Grieves by Playing the Field

Posted in Action, Adventure, Thriller by Adam on October 9, 2008
Click to watch the Quantum of Solace trailer at

Click to watch the Quantum of Solace trailer at

The new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, begins right after Daniel Craig watches Eva Green drown in an elevator at the end of Casino Royale. Rather than take the time to adequately process his loss, Craig immediately sets out on a revenge mission to vanquish the man (Jesper Christensen) and the organization (Quantum) responsible for Green’s death. While his investigation eventually leads him to discover that Mathieu Amalric (Munich, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) is planning to help overthrow the Bolivian government and gain control of the country’s water supply, Craig’s main objective seems to be honoring his lost love by bedding both Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton within a 24 hour period. Though this effort may be heartless and cold, Craig’s ability to put his fidelity behind him while still remaining hellbent on vengeance shows a mastery of emotional compartmentalization that proves that, although he may be blond, Craig is a true Bond, through and through.

Highlights of the Quantum of Solace trailer include: 1) Craig wryly suggesting that someone wants Kurylenko dead and then using his lightning-fast reflexes to prevent her from shooting him in the head. 2) Craig checking out Arterton as he walks down a set of stairs with Kurylenko (pictured above). 3) Craig and an attacker falling out a window, through a glass roof, and onto a set of scaffolding, with Craig barely catching himself before falling to his doom. 4) Craig once again using his parkour skills to jump over cars, across rooftops, and through a skylight at full speed. And, 5) Craig executing death-defying stunts on land (Aston Martin and motorcycle), in the air (WWII-era Douglas DC-3 airplane), and at sea (speedboat). My favorite part of the trailer comes near the end when Craig can briefly be seen fighting for his life by swinging a shoe at an opponent. Quantum of Solace opens November 14, 2008. Check out the Quantum of Solace trailer at