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Terminator Salvation: Nick Stahl Is No Edward Furlong

Posted in Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller by Adam on December 17, 2008
Click to watch the Terminator Salvation trailer at

Click to watch the Terminator Salvation trailer at

First, we were supposed to believe Edward Furlong grew up to become Nick Stahl (maybe). Now, we’re supposed to believe that Nick Stahl magically transformed into Christian Bale (I don’t see it). The Terminator franchise may center on time traveling cyborgs and an artificially intelligent computer ushering in the apocalypse so machines can rule the planet, but they could have paid a little more attention to the continuity of their heroes.

I’m all for Batman taking over as John Connor in the upcoming Terminator Salvation, and obviously Furlong reached the apex of his career as a whiny juvenile delinquent who fell in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger in T2, so the weak link here has to be Stahl. Without Stahl’s stint in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, it’s not hard to imagine the Furlong Connor embracing his destiny, working out a little bit, and becoming the machine-killing machine that the Bale Connor appears to be in the new film. But, the Stahl Connor was such a clumsy, uninspiring wimp that he made Claire Danes look tough by comparison. I’d feel much better about the whole thing if they had simply cast someone like Chris Evans in T3. He might not be Laurence Olivier, but at least he would have been the toughest cast member on My So-Called Life.

As it stands, we’ll just have to pretend that the Stahl Connor somehow grew a pair, went through Dark Knight training camp, and came out the other side as the convincing, battle-tested leader of the human resistance. Or, maybe we could just forget about T3 all together.

Highlights of the Terminator Salvation trailer include: 1) A machine grabbing a human out of warehouse like the claw game at the grocery store. 2) Bale shooting a Terminator in the head after landing on it with a helicopter. 3) Robot motorcycles tearing down the highway. 4) Bale striking the “Charlie Sheen in Platoon” pose, while screaming in the rain. And, 5) Bale getting in Sam Worthington’s face and saying, “We’ve been at war since before either of us even existed.” My favorite parts of the trailer are the eerie shots of a lone Terminator standing menacingly in the rain. Terminator Salvation opens May 22, 2009. Check out the Terminator Salvation trailer at


Eagle Eye: The Most Annoying Prank Call Ever

Posted in Drama, Thriller by Adam on September 17, 2008
Click to watch the Eagle Eye trailer at

Click to watch the Eagle Eye trailer at

Following in the footsteps of Chris Evans (Cellular) and Colin Farrell (Phone Booth), Shia LaBeouf has decided to take a break from hanging out with Indiana Jones and the Transformers to get bossed around in his own spine-tingling, phone-based thriller, Eagle Eye. Instead of trying to rescue a kidnapped Kim Basinger or being held hostage by Kiefer Sutherland with a sniper rifle, LaBeouf and costar Michele Monaghan are forced to burn through their anytime minutes by an unseen but seemingly all-knowing female voice who has framed them as terrorists. Under constant surveillance and the threat of death, LaBeouf and Monaghan are thrust into a political assassination plot and must do whatever the woman on the other end of the line says.

The Eagle Eye trailer opens with LaBeouf hustling his friends, including Turtle from Entourage, in a back room poker game. Returning home to his modest apartment, LaBeouf is surprised to find it stacked to the ceiling with guns, ammo, explosives, and suspicious drawings/schematics. This is when his cell phone rings and a woman’s voice tells him he has 30 seconds to flee before the FBI swoops in. Slow to react, LaBeouf is captured and finds his claim of complete innocence met with sarcasm by a thoroughly unamused Billy Bob Thornton. Meanwhile, Monaghan receives a threatening call of her own, explaining that her son has been kidnapped as video of him is shown on TVs in a window display. The unseen woman then hacks into LaBeouf’s “one phone call” just before a runaway crane destroys the side of the building where he is being held. Coerced into jumping onto the subway tracks below by the scrolling marquee on the building across the street, LaBeouf then meets up with Monaghan, and the two speed off through the city in a car that has been left for them. While Thornton and Rosario Dawson scramble to track them down, LaBeouf and Monaghan find themselves at the unseen woman’s mercy and must do her every bidding, including robbing an armored truck with shotguns.

My favorite part of the Eagle Eye trailer comes at the end when Rosario Dawson asks, “What if it’s a decoy to distract us from something 50 times bigger?” Why not 10 or 100 times bigger? It’s likely I’ll never know. Eagle Eye opens September 26, 2008. Check out the Eagle Eye trailer at