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Terminator Salvation: Nick Stahl Is No Edward Furlong

Posted in Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller by Adam on December 17, 2008
Click to watch the Terminator Salvation trailer at

Click to watch the Terminator Salvation trailer at

First, we were supposed to believe Edward Furlong grew up to become Nick Stahl (maybe). Now, we’re supposed to believe that Nick Stahl magically transformed into Christian Bale (I don’t see it). The Terminator franchise may center on time traveling cyborgs and an artificially intelligent computer ushering in the apocalypse so machines can rule the planet, but they could have paid a little more attention to the continuity of their heroes.

I’m all for Batman taking over as John Connor in the upcoming Terminator Salvation, and obviously Furlong reached the apex of his career as a whiny juvenile delinquent who fell in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger in T2, so the weak link here has to be Stahl. Without Stahl’s stint in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, it’s not hard to imagine the Furlong Connor embracing his destiny, working out a little bit, and becoming the machine-killing machine that the Bale Connor appears to be in the new film. But, the Stahl Connor was such a clumsy, uninspiring wimp that he made Claire Danes look tough by comparison. I’d feel much better about the whole thing if they had simply cast someone like Chris Evans in T3. He might not be Laurence Olivier, but at least he would have been the toughest cast member on My So-Called Life.

As it stands, we’ll just have to pretend that the Stahl Connor somehow grew a pair, went through Dark Knight training camp, and came out the other side as the convincing, battle-tested leader of the human resistance. Or, maybe we could just forget about T3 all together.

Highlights of the Terminator Salvation trailer include: 1) A machine grabbing a human out of warehouse like the claw game at the grocery store. 2) Bale shooting a Terminator in the head after landing on it with a helicopter. 3) Robot motorcycles tearing down the highway. 4) Bale striking the “Charlie Sheen in Platoon” pose, while screaming in the rain. And, 5) Bale getting in Sam Worthington’s face and saying, “We’ve been at war since before either of us even existed.” My favorite parts of the trailer are the eerie shots of a lone Terminator standing menacingly in the rain. Terminator Salvation opens May 22, 2009. Check out the Terminator Salvation trailer at


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Oh No, Not Again

Posted in Action, Fantasy by Adam on August 5, 2008
Tomb of the Dragon Emperor trailer at

Click to watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor trailer at

With all of the hullabaloo surrounding Christian Bale and The Dark Knight, some people might be surprised to learn that Brendan Fraser beat both Bale and The Dark Knight at the box office this past weekend. Of course it took him two movies to do it, but that’s beside the point. Dollars are dollars and, at least for this week, Fraser is the most bankable star in Hollywood. The man responsible for bringing live action versions of both Dudley Do-Right and George of the Jungle to the big screen can currently be seen in Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

While Fraser seems to have transitioned into the passable fantasy-action movie stage of his career, I can’t help but see him as the reanimated caveman from Encino Man every time he steps on screen. In fact, Fraser’s caveman would actually make a good villain for the fourth Mummy movie. All they would need to do is figure out a way for the Encino Man to resurrect a horde of his bloodthirsty brethren, have them realize that there’s no more woolly mammoths or saber-toothed tigers left to chase around and let the culture clash begin. Fraser would pull double duty as both the newly evil Encino Man and intrepid explorer Rick O’Connell. Thankfully, that’s probably not an option. But, at least we have the third Mummy movie to tide us over in the mean time.

In the trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Fraser and his son accidentally awaken Jet Li, the Dragon Emperor himself, who can control the five elements with his bare hands. As if battling a second living mummy bent on world domination wasn’t enough, this time Fraser also has to deal with Li’s fully-armed terra cotta army. Joining Fraser and his son are Michele Yeoh, as a kung fu sorceress, Maria Bello, as Fraser’s wife, and John Hannah, reprising his role as Fraser’s whiny brother-in-law. As Fraser and company battle Li and his army across China and through the Himalayas, they’re aided by the dead enemies Li buried beneath the Great Wall and a pack of abominable snowmen. Although Fraser now has some pretty serious magic on his side, it might not be enough to match up against Li’s three-headed dragon. My favorite sections of the trailer are the parts that show the abominable snowmen. Mostly, because they remind me of Looney Tunes. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor opened August 1, 2008. Check out The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor trailer at

Equilibrium: 1984 and The Matrix Have a Baby

Posted in Action, Sci Fi by Adam on July 24, 2008
Click to watch the Equilibrium trailer at

Click to watch the Equilibrium trailer at

With The Dark Knight fresh in everyone’s mind, I thought I’d go back to one of Christian Bale’s lesser known works: Equilibrium. The film is pretty much The Matrix set in 1984. Bale plays Keanu Reeves and the Matrix is played by a Fascist regime that seeks to eradicate human emotion with a powerful drug called Prozium. While Equilibrium does have it’s strong points, such as Gun Kata (a fictional close-range, gun-fighting martial art created for the film in which combatants predict bullet trajectories in real time without the help of a computer program), the similarities it shared with other dystopian films and a poor marketing campaign ultimately crushed the film at the box office.

The trailer shows Bale as Grammaton Cleric John Preston, tracking down sense-offenders and members of an underground revolution who traffic outlawed books, music and works of art. Carrying out his orders with two automatic handguns, a samurai sword and a unrelenting devotion to the state, Bale is the most skilled/feared enforcer the system has at its disposal. But, when his wife is arrested for not taking her meds, the Batman decides to change into his best white suit and put his employers out of business.

While the martial arts scenes are impressive, the best sequence in the trailer is when Bale watches as his buddies verify the authenticity of the Mona Lisa, then gives the order to torch it with a couple flame throwers. Equilibrium opened December 6, 2002. Check out the Equilibrium trailer at