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Milk: Sean Penn Wants Another Oscar

Posted in Drama by Adam on November 25, 2008
Click to watch the Milk trailer at

Click to watch the Milk trailer at

Harvey Milk was an influential gay rights leader and the first openly gay elected government official in the US. Though his work for the gay community stands on its own merit, Milk’s murder at the hands of a fellow San Francisco Supervisor makes his story as tragic as it is noteworthy. Fresh on the heels of the passing of California’s Proposition 8, a controversial ballot measure that restricts the definition of marriage in the state to the union of a man and a woman, director Gus Van Sant has cast Sean Penn to portray Milk in a promising biopic that will likely place Penn among the early front runners for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Penn, who has a history of selecting strong, charismatic roles, is no stranger to Oscar nominations, having earned the honor for his work in Dead Man Walking, Sweet and Lowdown, I am Sam, and Mystic River (for which he won the award). The seriousness of Milk’s subject matter should shield Penn from the criticism he faced after I am Sam (a melodramatic Forrest Gump 2, without all the lofty accomplishments and catch phrases) was released, but you have to think that Penn knew that the film would garner the Academy’s consideration when he took the role. I wish him luck, as long as he keeps the Beatles references to a minimum.

Highlights of the Milk trailer include: 1) Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild, Speed Racer) telling Penn that he doesn’t “do losing” when Penn suggests they start a revolution in San Francisco. 2) All the men in Penn’s office showing their surprise when he introduces a woman (Alison Pill) as his campaign manager. 3) Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men, W., American Gangster) condescendingly asking Penn if two men can reproduce and Penn responding, “No, but God knows we keep trying.”  And, 4) Penn giving an emphatic speech in front of a large crowd right after receiving a death threat. My favorite part of the Milk trailer is watching James Franco attempt to morph Saul Silver (Pineapple Express) into a gay man living in the 1970s. Milk opens December 5, 2008. Check out the Milk trailer at


The Secret Life of Bees: Dakota Fanning’s Parents Are Horrible Human Beings

Posted in Drama by Adam on October 23, 2008
Click to watch The Secret Life of Bees trailer at

Click to watch The Secret Life of Bees trailer at

With the release of The Secret Life of Bees, Dakota Fanning’s parents continue to hold their breath to see if their daughter, and the family’s primary source of income, can begin to make the transition from precocious child star to respectable teen actress. This is a delicate time in the career of any stage parent because so much can go wrong. Besides acne, gawkiness, rebellion, and drug use, there’s the chance that what worked for your little cash cow as a 6-year-old will be totally worthless in the cutthroat realm of adolescent cinema. For every Drew Barrymore, there’s a Haley Joel Osment.  For every Christina Ricci, there’s a Macaulay Culkin. And, for every Elijah Wood, there sure as hell is a Jonathan Lipnicki. The trick is to choose the right roles, wait out the downturns, and never give up hope that your ungrateful offspring will remain cute, popular, and lucrative up until their 18th birthday. After that, who cares? And, as always, have an insurance policy (Elle Fanning).

In The Secret Life of Bees, Fanning (I Am Sam, Uptown Girls, Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, Charlotte’s Web) runs away from home with her caregiver, Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls, Sex and the City), to escape a troubled relationship with her father, Paul Bettany (A Beautful Mind, Wimbledon, The Da Vinci Code), and learn more about her late mother’s past. Fanning and Hudson are soon welcomed by the Boatwright sisters, played by Queen Latifah (Chicago, Barbershop 2, Last Holiday), Alicia Keys (The Nanny Diaries), and Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda, Aeon Flux), whose intelligence and independent nature (and bees) help Fanning overcome the difficult memories that have been haunting her. Highlights of the Secret Life of Bees trailer include: 1) Fanning rambling through a cockamamie set of circumstances trying to explain to Queen Latifah why she and Hudson need a place to stay. 2) Tristan Wilds (Michael Lee from The Wire) getting caught singing to jars of honey. And, 3) Fanning spraying Keys with a garden hose. My favorite part of the trailer comes near the end when Fanning heaves a jar of honey against a wall in anger. The Secret Life of Bees opened October 17, 2008. Check out The Secret Life of Bees trailer at