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The Wrestler: A Macho Man with a Heart on Steroids

Posted in Drama, Sports by Adam on January 6, 2009
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Click to watch The Wrester trailer at

If The Wrestler lives up to the lofty expectations of its overwhelming critical acclaim, we’ll all need to take a moment to thank Nicolas Cage for passing on the lead role and allowing director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) to tap Mickey Rourke as the washed-up, broken-down grappler Randy “The Ram” Robinson. It’s no overstatement to insist that the film’s believability hinges on this crucial casting choice, and when the alternative was a creepy, awkward over-actor with bad hair that is the stuff of legend, Mickey Rourke, and his perfect combination of Macho Man Randy Savage hair, Hulk Hogan physique, and Mickey Rourke face, seems like the only way to go.

The Wrestler trailer shows off the film’s documentary-like style and provides a few tender moments where Rourke reveals that, although his personal life and health have been torn apart by his career as a sports entertainer, he loves performing for his fans. Highlights of The Wrestler trailer include: 1) Rourke preparing for a match. 2) Rourke’s boss putting him down after he asks for more hours by saying, “All I got is weekends. Isn’t that when you sit on other dudes’ faces?” 3) Rourke convincing Marisa Tomei to have a beer with him. 4) Rourke trying to make amends with Evan Rachel Wood, his estranged daughter. And, 5) Rourke putting forth the theory that Kurt Cobain ruined music and contributed to the suckiness of the 90s. My favorite part of the trailer comes when Rourke is shown shaving his armpits while wearing a shower cap. The Wrestler opened December 17, 2008. Check out The Wrestler trailer at


Bangkok Dangerous: Nicolas Cage’s Creepy Assassin Hair

Posted in Action, Crime, Thriller by Adam on September 9, 2008
Click to watch the Bangkok Dangerous trailer at

Click to watch the Bangkok Dangerous trailer at

For an actor with a history of bizarre and unsettling movie hairstyles, from the see-through fluff of Adaptation to the greasy, balding lion’s mane of Con Air to the spiky helmet head of Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage has really outdone himself with the shoe polish on corn silk do he sports in his new film Bangkok Dangerous. As a top international assassin, I suppose Cage could have to change his identity and appearance from time to time, but to achieve the level of crispiness Cage has attained requires a dedication that extends beyond the parameters of a movie role. I believe Cage has chosen to draw emphasis away from his ever-expanding forehead by punishing the hair that remains with a rigorous and painful regimen of dyeing, blow drying, long soaks in paint thinner, and controlled burns using a creme brulee torch.

The Bangkok Dangerous trailer opens with Cage confessing that, because of the travel required by his job, he feels isolated and alone in the world. After admitting that what he really wants is to meet someone special, Cage reveals that he is an assassin hired to kill the enemies of the most powerful and dangerous men in the world. His most recent assignment leads him to Bangkok, where he recruits a young local to run errands and pick up a case from a dancer at a nightclub. All seems to be going according to plan until Cage learns the truth behind his newest employer’s business dealings and falls for a local shop girl. As Cage’s detatched, remorseless facade begins to crack, he decides to use his deadly talents to fight the bad guys for a change. After telling his former boss to shove it, Cage can be seen running, jumping, and diving through the streets and alleys of Bangkok as he engages in a series of high intensity gun fights. My favorite part of the trailer comes at the end when Cage and an enemy fire at one another through a stack of exploding water jugs. Bangkok Dangerous opened September 5, 2008.  Check out the Bangkok Dangerous trailer at

Adaptation: Before Meryl Streep Moved to Greece and Started Singing All the Time

Posted in Action, Comedy, Drama by Adam on July 30, 2008
Click to watch the Adaptation trailer at

Click to watch the Adaptation trailer at

Usually, I find reading a book or watching a movie in which writing by one or more of the characters is central to the plot to be some of the most narrow, least inspired forms of entertainment imaginable. It’s as though the author or screenwriter has spent so much time writing that they have forgotten what normal people do. But, in Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman succeeds in blowing that convention to little bits even though he names his main character after himself and obsesses over the difficulties of writing a screenplay from start to finish.

The story features three writers: Nicolas Cage as Charlie, a sweaty, nervous, balding writer tasked with adapting a novel into a screenplay, Nicolas Cage again as Donald, Charlie’s moronic twin brother who takes screenwriting classes and personifies every Hollywood cliché in the process, and Meryl Streep, as Susan Orlean, the novelist whose work Charlie is meant to turn into a movie script. Even though Adaptation is overflowing with writers, it overcomes the pitfalls other works about writing succumb to by wholeheartedly embracing the ridiculousness of its subject matter and having the three writers (and their writing styles) converge and collapse on one another in a dark bayou.

The trailer begins with Cage (as Charlie) reciting a self-conscious inner monologue as he meets with Tilda Swinton for a business lunch. It goes on to chronicle all the other difficulties Cage faces in his horribly stressful life: writer’s block, rejection by waitresses of the opposite sex and an annoyingly enthusiastic twin brother. After giving you an idea of Cage’s state of mind, the trailer turns its attention to Streep (currently starring in Mamma Mia) and her novel about orchids and an orchid thief named John Laroche, played by Chris Cooper. For a film with a potentially confusing premise, the Adaptation trailer actually does a great job in laying out the plot, and even ends by showing how Cage (as both Charlie and Donald) eventually tracks down Streep and Cooper to better understand their characters, leading to the convergence of their worlds and stories. My favorite section of the trailer comes when Donald is telling Charlie about his new action movie screenplay and explains that a chase scene he’s written symbolizes the battle between technology and horses. Adaptation opened January 10, 2003. Check out the Adaptation trailer at