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Role Models: Bad Big Brothers in a Red Band Trailer

Posted in Comedy by Adam on November 18, 2008
Click to check out the Role Models red band trailer at

Click to check out the Role Models red band trailer at

After a hiatus of nearly a decade following the release of American Pie, the red band trailer has made a triumphant return in recent years. With R-rated previews for Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pineapple Express, Burn After Reading, Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up, etc. becoming hits both in theaters and online, moviegoers are finally getting a more accurate idea of the levels of cursing, nudity, violence, and drug use that the most highly anticipated upcoming movies promise to deliver. Where the red band designation was initally intended to be a deterant and a warning to parents, it has recently become an effective marketing tool – exuding a sense of exclusivity and the forbidden. The red band trailer seems to lend itself particularly well to the comedy, where raunchy, offensive adlibs have become the norm. A couple of memorably objectionable lines from a good red band trailer are usually enough to sell fans on a flick’s potential.

Role Models, the new comedy from director David Wain (“Stella,” “The State,” Wet Hot American Summer) and co-writer/star Paul Rudd (Clueless, Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin), is one of the latest films to jump in on the red band trailer trend. After wrecking the truck they use to promote Minotaur Energy Drink on a school campus, Elizabeth Banks tells Rudd, the cynical pitch man, and Seann William Scott, the womanizing mascot, that they have been sentenced to perform 150 hours of community service at a Big Brothers Big Sisters-type program. Rudd is paired with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), a renaissance fair loving dork, and Scott is stuck with Bobb’e J. Thompson (“Human Giant,” Fred Claus), a little, foul-mouthed troublemaker. In the trailer, both Rudd and Scott make ample use of the film’s R-rating, but I’m pretty sure it’s Bobb’e J. Thompson who will have the most quotable lines in the movie.

Highlights of the Role Models red band trailer include: 1)  Rudd and Scott telling a smart ass middle school student that Scott got the Minotaur costume out of the boy’s mother’s closet after he f-ed her. 2)  Jane Lynch telling Rudd and Scott that she used to eat cocaine for breakfast and lunch. 3) Thompson shouting that he doesn’t want to take his pants off right after Scott introduces himself. And, 4) Mintz-Plasse asking Thompson if he means that the medieval themed game he plays is “gay” in the Old English sense of the word. My favorite part of the trailer is when they show a shot of Thompson’s drawing depicting a meeting between Beyoncé, himself, and some sugar. Role Models opened November 7, 2008. Check out the Role Models red band trailer at


Old School: It’s That Time of Year Again

Posted in Comedy by Adam on August 29, 2008
Click to watch the Old School trailer at

Click to watch the Old School trailer at

If you were born sometime before the release of Kindergarten Cop but after the opening night of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, chances are that you will be heading off to college in the next week or two. On the flipside, if you were born back in the days when Animal House and American Graffiti were showing on screens across the country, it’s more than likely that you’re beginning to forget what it’s like to arrange your class schedule so you can party all night and sleep all day. As it turns out, the boys from Old School fall into the latter category, and they might just serve as an example for those of you who think that your glory days have passed you by.

After walking in on his wife (Juliette Lewis) with another man and another woman, Luke Wilson picks up the pieces of his life by starting a renegade fraternity with his pals Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. Together, they set out to get all of the benefits of college without being bothered with attending a single class. After recruiting a group of less than popular pledges, the house defies the odds to become the epicenter of the university’s late-night party scene

The Old School trailer starts with Wilson making a drunken toast at a friend’s wedding where he details his wife’s exceptional infidelity. It then transitions to Vaughn planting the seed of starting a fraternity as Ferrell swings a hockey stick in the kitchen of Wilson’s new bachelor pad. After the success of their first all-night bash, the boys are shown cruising for pledges in their A-Team van and officiating a K-Y Jelly wrestling match between two coeds and what might be the world’s oldest living man. From their high points, the trailer then turns to the brothers’ difficulties. Wilson wakes up in bed with an underage Elisha Cuthbert, Ferrell succumbs to the alcohol-obsessed beast that rules over his soul, and Jeremy Piven, the dean, sets out to put an end to their debauchery once and for all. During the remainder of the trailer, we get to see the frat’s hazing ritual, which involves a cinder block tied to the pledges’ junk, while Wilson tries to convince Ellen Pompeo that his crew’s exploits have been blown out of proportion. My favorite part of the trailer comes at the end when Ferrell shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun seconds after it’s handed to him by a severely mulleted Seann William Scott.  Old School opened February 21, 2003. Check out the Old School trailer at