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Donnie Darko: Seth Rogen’s Big Screen Debut

Posted in Dark Comedy, Drama, Sci Fi by Adam on August 7, 2008
Click to watch the Donnie Darko trailer at

Click to watch the Donnie Darko trailer at

Before appearing in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up or Superbad, or even showing up as Eager Cameraman in Anchorman, Pineapple Express star Seth Rogen played bully Ricky Danforth in director Richard Kelly’s 2001 cult classic Donnie Darko. While Rogen didn’t get too much screen time, he was present the first time Donnie and Gretchen spoke, delivering the classy line, “I like your boobs,” and was also responsible for throwing Gretchen to the ground moments before she was hit by a car. Not exactly the funniest role ever, but at least it served as a stepping stone for Rogen from his TV roles in “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared” to his current streak of feature film success.

The Donnie Darko trailer begins with Drew Barrymore reciting a melodramatic passage from a novel to her English class, which includes Jake Gyllenhaal, or Donnie, and Seth Rogen. From there, it transitions to explaining Jake’s fragile mental state and his frequent conversations with a giant, sinister bunny rabbit. After Patrick Swayze makes a brief appearance as a motivational speaker, Jake begins talking about time travel and predestination with Noah Wyle, his science teacher. All in all, the trailer has a very bleak, creepy feel to it, and it’s clear that they decided to try to market it as a kind of horror film, even though it’s really not. I think it would have helped if they incorporated some clips that show the dark humor that runs throughout the film, and played up the fact that it takes place in the 80s by including some music from the soundtrack. My favorite part of the trailer is when Jake looks into a mirror and sees Frank, the giant rabbit, and creates a ripple in the spacetime continuum when he tries to touch the image. Donnie Darko opened October 28, 2001. Check out the Donnie Darko trailer at


Pineapple Express and the Mini-Soundtrack

Posted in Comedy, Crime by Adam on July 16, 2008
Click to watch the Pineapple Express trailer at

Click to watch the Pineapple Express trailer at

While it starts a little slowly, peeping in on Seth Rogen and James Franco as they begin another smoke-filled day, what really draws you into the Pineapple Express trailer is the song that kicks in about midway through (M.I.A.’s Paper Planes). Just as with feature films, a trailer’s soundtrack is vital to creating a mood and providing emphasis during the memorable scenes and Paper Planes happens to fit perfectly with this trailer. By jumping back and forth between nuggets of dialogue and action sequences with Paper Planes playing in the background, the trailer lets you know that Pineapple Express is a comedy about two incompetent stoners, while at the same time pointing out that there are drug lords, crooked cops, car chases and large firearms.

The best sequence in the trailer is when Franco is driving a stolen cop car with a windshield covered in muck and Rogen tells him to try kicking out the glass. Instead of shattering the windshield in typical action movie style, Franco instead lodges his leg in the glass above the steering wheel right before the car jumps over an embankment. Pineapple Express opens on August 6, 2008. Check out the Pineapple Express trailer at