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The Wrestler: A Macho Man with a Heart on Steroids

Posted in Drama, Sports by Adam on January 6, 2009
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Click to watch The Wrester trailer at

If The Wrestler lives up to the lofty expectations of its overwhelming critical acclaim, we’ll all need to take a moment to thank Nicolas Cage for passing on the lead role and allowing director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) to tap Mickey Rourke as the washed-up, broken-down grappler Randy “The Ram” Robinson. It’s no overstatement to insist that the film’s believability hinges on this crucial casting choice, and when the alternative was a creepy, awkward over-actor with bad hair that is the stuff of legend, Mickey Rourke, and his perfect combination of Macho Man Randy Savage hair, Hulk Hogan physique, and Mickey Rourke face, seems like the only way to go.

The Wrestler trailer shows off the film’s documentary-like style and provides a few tender moments where Rourke reveals that, although his personal life and health have been torn apart by his career as a sports entertainer, he loves performing for his fans. Highlights of The Wrestler trailer include: 1) Rourke preparing for a match. 2) Rourke’s boss putting him down after he asks for more hours by saying, “All I got is weekends. Isn’t that when you sit on other dudes’ faces?” 3) Rourke convincing Marisa Tomei to have a beer with him. 4) Rourke trying to make amends with Evan Rachel Wood, his estranged daughter. And, 5) Rourke putting forth the theory that Kurt Cobain ruined music and contributed to the suckiness of the 90s. My favorite part of the trailer comes when Rourke is shown shaving his armpits while wearing a shower cap. The Wrestler opened December 17, 2008. Check out The Wrestler trailer at


Karate Kid: Revenge of the Cobra Kai

Posted in Action, Cult Classic, Drama, Remake, Sports by Adam on November 12, 2008
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Click to watch The Karate Kid trailer at

With Variety confirming that Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s youngest son, will be reviving the Karate Kid franchise, Ralph Macchio must be thanking the ghost of Pat Morita for his good fortune. If Daniel-san plays his cards right, he should be able to line up a few talk show appearances, sign on for a couple more episodes of Ugly Betty, and maybe even make a cameo in the film itself. At the very least, I imagine he’d be happy just to get some easy publicity for his chain of laundromats (things have been pretty quiet for old Ralph since My Cousin Vinny).

But, as the real-life Daniel Larusso celebrates, fans of the original film weep at the thought of another vain attempt to turn a profit by desecrating the Karate Kid legacy. While Karate Kid Part II and Part III fell short of the perfection attained by the first movie, the affront to fans really began when Hilary Swank gave birth to the abomination known as The Next Karate Kid. Now, after 14 years of extensive psychotherapy and steadfast denial, fans will once again be forced to deal with the reality of a world where Ralph Macchio is no longer the only Karate Kid.

So, with time running out, I’ve decided to bust out my plot for the ultimate Karate Kid reboot with the hope that the idea will inspire the legions of Karate Kid fans around world to demand that Hollywood ditch Jaden Smith and finally produce a decent 80s movie remake, while simultaneously ushering in a new era in cinema. Here’s the deal: The basic story stays about the same except the entire chain of events is seen from another point of view; the point of view of Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai. When the movie begins, life is great. The Cobra Kai are the kings of SoCal and Johnny and Ali are in love. Then, Daniel, an annoying jerk from New Jersey, moves into town and makes everyone’s life miserable. Not only is Daniel incredibly irritating and obnoxious, but he also decides to make a move on Ali and picks up karate as a joke. To defend his girl and show Daniel that karate should be practiced with honor, Johnny and the Cobra Kai make an example of him at the All Valley Karate Championship. Basically, I want to preserve the memory of the original Karate Kid by creating its opposite.

Until Revenge of the Cobra Kai becomes a reality, you’ll just have to make due with the The Karate Kid trailer. Highlights include: 1) Macchio seeing his new apartment complex’s stagnant pool for the first time. 2) Zabka slapping Macchio around on the beach while wearing a Michael Jackson jacket and a headband. 3) Morita karate chopping the tops off of four beer bottles. And, 4) Macchio finishing off Zapka with his world-famous crane kick. My favorite part of the trailer comes at the end when Macchio asks Morita what kind of belt he has and Morita replies, “J.C. Penney. 3.98.” The Karate Kid opened June 22, 1984. Check out The Karate Kid trailer at

Any Given Sunday: Are You Ready for Some Fake Pro Football?

Posted in Drama, Sports by Adam on September 4, 2008
Click to watch the Any Given Sunday trailer at

Click to watch the Any Given Sunday trailer at

With the Washington Redskins heading to New Jersey to kickoff this year’s NFL season against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, I’ve decided to go into the vault for one of the few football films to portray the game in all its violent, cutthroat, egotistical glory. Even though Any Given Sunday doesn’t feature real NFL teams, director Oliver Stone was able to cast Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor as a defensive coordinator and a linebacker, respectively. And, while the level of authenticity is strained just a bit by having Al Pacino coach a team named the Miami Sharks, the realistic game play, the depiction of the players’ great physical sacrifices, and numerous off the field confrontations more than make up for the strange logos and wacky mascots.

The Any Given Sunday trailer begins with a bolt of lightning before showing flashes of players battling on the gridiron as Pacino descibes the personal sacrifices he’s made for the game. We then see quarterback Dennis Quaid sustain a career-threatening hit, which leads to a battle between Pacino and team owner Cameron Diaz over the direction of the franchise. With Quaid out of commision, Pacino calls on Jamie Foxx to take over as the Sharks’ signal caller. Foxx’s recklessness, inexperience, and ambition put him at odds with his coach and running back LL Cool J, but despite direct warnings Foxx vows to continue to play his game while he has the chance. While the team falls into disarray under Foxx’s divisive influence, Diaz takes out her frustrations on Pacino and let’s him know that she thinks he’s washed up. My favorite part of the trailer comes the first time we see Foxx on the field, getting hit and spun end over end while diving for a touchdown. Any Given Sunday opened December 22, 1999. Check out the Any Given Sunday trailer at

Pride: Pimp in the Water

Posted in Drama, Sports by Adam on August 19, 2008
Click to watch the Pride trailer at

Click to watch the Pride trailer at

In honor of US swimmer Michael Phelps’ historic run of eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, I thought I’d seek out one of the few movies to feature the sport of swimming as its primary focus. In Pride, Terrance Howard makes the unlikely transition from a rapping pimp from Memphis (Hustle & Flow) to a community center swimming coach in inner city Philadelphia. Howard is tasked with teaching an undisciplined group of black high schoolers to swim and believe in themselves, despite having to face off against all-white teams with much more experience. If Michael Phelps was in the film, he probably would have been on one of the all-white teams (unless he decided to pull a Robert Downey Jr. and risk all of his endorsements), but I like think he would have been a good sport and offered his rivals some words of encouragement.

The Pride trailer begins with Howard interviewing at an employment office. After accepting the only job they have available, Howard heads to a local community center, where he approaches some kids who have lost their basketball privileges and offers to let them swim. After a few rough patches, including being made fun of for his skimpy swimsuit, Howard wins the boys over and begins to mold them into a swim team. Acting as Howard’s assistant and the film’s comic relief is the recently deceased Bernie Mac. Together, they instill the team with a sense of purpose and teach them the value of self respect. My favorite part of the trailer is when Bernie Mac says that he swims naked and doesn’t want to embarrass anyone by getting in the pool. Pride opened March 23, 2007. Check out the Pride trailer at